What vehicle should startups use for seed stage fundraising?


Why did you vote for Series Seed?

Equity rounds result in an investor being issued stock in exchange for money at a given valuation. In a nutshell, the investors will agree to a sing...

When you set the price, both sides know what deal they got.

Contrary to the trend of convertible notes with variable pricing, there is actually an advantage to a single price for the deal. From Fred Wilson'...

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Why did you vote for Convertible note?

Convertible notes are a form of debt that converts into equity given a certain trigger, usually a second round of financing.

Variable pricing

The biggest advantage to convertible notes is the ability to easily give different investors different prices. This provides two very important benef...

When Uncapped the Interests of Investors and Entrepreneurs Become Misaligned

When there is no cap on a convertible note the Founders want to delay the next round of financing as much as possible to maximise the valuation and t...


Why did you vote for Convertible Equity?

Convertible equity is a form of early-stage bridge funding that allows a startup to sell to investors a form of equity security that in many ways res...

Helps Investors Gain Tax Benefits

Convertible equity financings will help Angel investors reap tax benefits through capital gains discounts.

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