Why did you vote for CoinBase?

  • Very easy to setup & use
  • You can instantly buy Bitcoin
  • Reasonable transfer fees
  • Acts as a hosted wallet
  • Secure
  • Trustworthy
  • Great mobile apps
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Coinbase is an American bitcoin exchange and hosted wallet service that allows people with a US bank account to send, receive and store bitcoin.



Very easy to setup & use

The entire process of using Coinbase is seamless. All you need to do to start buying/selling Bitcoin is link your bank account to Coinbase, and if you provide a credit card as a backup payment method you can start buying Bitcoin instantly.



You can instantly buy Bitcoin

If you provide a Credit Card as a backup payment method and verify your identity you can instantly buy and sell bitcoin instead of waiting the usual 4 days.



Reasonable transfer fees

You're only charged 1% for buying bitcoins.

Why did you vote for LocalBitcoins?

  • Instant transfers
  • No or minimal banking fees
  • No ID requirements
  • Works internationally
  • No Bank Account Required
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LocalBitcoins is effectively a localised Ebay for bitcoin. LocalBitcoins facilitates the buying/selling of bitcoin between individuals in both face to face cash transactions and online transfers.




Instant transfers

There is no delay in receiving your bitcoins once the payment has completed. Given that you're dealing with locals with local bank accounts, the entire process can take place very quickly.



No or minimal banking fees

As you're typically dealing with locals, transferring funds is typically free & fast and the site lets you see what bank a given user is with. There are no other fees for buying/selling coins if you're not advertising.



No ID requirements

People are left reviews and are assigned a reputation to help you find trustworthy people to deal with, but there are no ID requirements for using Localbitcoins

Why did you vote for Bitstamp?

  • Free SEPA deposits
  • Great support
  • Very low transfer fees
  • Lets you limit orders
  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Order book
  • Great user interface
  • Add Another Pro

Bitstamp is an exchange based in London that enables people to buy and sell bitcoin between themselves at a price set by the exchange. It's the second largest exchange by volume.




Free SEPA deposits

Bitstamp is very economical if you live in Europe as they have free SEPA deposits.



Great support

Multiple threads on the Bitcoin sub-reddit praise Bitstamp for fast and helpful support.



Very low transfer fees

For small transactions (< $500 USD) you're only charged 0.5%. This incrementally decreases to 0.2% for transfers over $150,000 USD.

Why did you vote for MtGox?



Cheap fees (.6%)

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Why did you vote for Kraken?

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Why did you vote for Bitcoin.de?

Bitcoin.de is a popular Germany-based exchange

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Why did you vote for Virwox?

Buy using Paypal or Credit card



Buy with credit card

You can purchase bitcoin using your credit card, although the fees are high



Buy with paypal

You can purchase bitcoin using paypal, but the fees are high

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Why did you vote for CampBX?

CampBX is an exchange nominally located in Alpharetta GA.
Funds can be deposited via Western Union/Postal money order or personal check (ACH to be available 'soon' as of 1/7/2014). Funds can be withdrawn via ACH, Domestic Wire, International Wire, or money order.
Users who have not done KYC with them have a deposit limit of $1000/day, but after KYC, the limit increases significantly ($10,000/day, perhaps more). Responses to customer service inquiries are very slow, and volume is low, but the prices are also very low.
Market or limit orders can be set, and if you have done KYC and have cash in the account they allow you to buy on margin.
Their commissions are competitive, and signing up with a referral link (https://CampBX.com/register.php?r=rlx58QzsYVQ) will get you a lifetime discount on the trading commission.



Fiat deposit options

They accept money orders and if you have done KYC, they also accept personal checks.



Fiat withdrawal options

They offer fiat withdrawal via money order ($20 fee), so your withdrawals will be off the record




Very low prices for an exchange that you can actually get money into and out of easily.

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