What are the best Android games without in-app purchases/paywalls?

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Why do you recommend Pixel Dungeon?

Why do you not recommend Pixel Dungeon?

Compare all specsPrice: FreeGenre: Roguelike |

Free and open source

No advertisements, no in-game store and available for free with code available on GitHub.

Maps and items are randomized allowing for lots of replayability

In a true roguelike fashion, levels are randomly generated each time a new game is started. And Pixel Dungeon goes one step further by randomizing ef...

Pixel Dungeon is hard

Pixel Dungeons difficulty can be a turn off for some players.

Why do you recommend The Banner Saga?

Why do you not recommend The Banner Saga?

The Banner Saga is a tactical role playing game that costs $9.99 and has zero in app purchases.

Branching, choice based dialog

The dialog interactions in The Banner Saga are reminiscent of Mass Effect's branching dialog.

Distinctive looking hand drawn graphics

The graphics really stand out in The Banner Saga, definitely not many games of this caliber on Android.

High price

Even though The Banner Saga is worth every penny of the asking price of $9.99, some may find the price off putting for a mobile game.


Why do you recommend World of Goo ?

Why do you not recommend World of Goo ?

Compare all specsPrice: $4.99Genre: Puzzle (physics-based) |

Beautiful visual style

World of Goo is pleasing to look at. Most of the time it's very colorful and joyful, but it changes from time to time to reflect different parts...

Excellent physics engine

Physics in-game take into account gravity, wind, weight of different goo-balls, structural integrity of your architectural solutions to create an add...

Sound can't be turned off in-game

World of Goo sadly does not have an option to turn off in game music.

Why do you recommend Leo's Fortune?

Why do you not recommend Leo's Fortune?

Leo's Fortune is an adventure platformer that costs $4.99 and has zero in app purchases.

Excellent platforming gameplay and rouch screen controls

Leo's Fortune offers some solid platforming which is pulled off not just by some good level design but greatly programmed touch screen controls.

Immersive mode

Leo's Fortune includes immersive mode for Android devices on 4.4+.


Leo's Fortune does not offer a lot of challenge.

Why do you recommend Knights of the Old Republic?

Why do you not recommend Knights of the Old Republic?

Knights of the Old Republic is a port of the popular PC game. It is a role playing game that costs $4.99 and has zero in app purchases.

Engaging story

Being a role playing game, KotOR has a pretty good story that feel very engaging.


The main story of the game can take a good bit of time to finish.

Movement does not work that great on touchscreens

The on screen controls for movement in the game do not work as good as they could giving a sense of non-preciseness.


Why do you recommend Osmos HD?

Why do you not recommend Osmos HD?

Compare all specsPrice: $2.99Genre: Puzzle (physics-based) |

Great ambient soundtrack

This award-winning hypnotic ambient soundtrack will make you forget about your surroundings and completely engross you.

Beautiful visual design

Aesthetic is clear and beautiful. It gives necessary gameplay information and is just pleasant to look at.

Somewhat short

Games content can be beaten in about an hour.

Why do you recommend Surgeon Simulator?

Why do you not recommend Surgeon Simulator?

Surgeon Simulator is a surgical simulation game that costs $2.99 and has zero in app purchases.

New features for mobile version

Surgeon Simulator adds new features for the mobile version such as placing new eyeballs or teeth into a patient.

Touch controls work just as well as mouse inputs

Being that the game is a port of the PC title one would have to wonder if the controls translate. Luckily they work just as good/poorly as they did...

No ART runtime support

Surgeon Simulator doe snot support the ART runtime.

Why do you recommend Super Hexagon?

Why do you not recommend Super Hexagon?

Compare all specsPrice: $2.99Genre: Action |

Addictive, challenging gameplay

You will die. A lot. And that is the point. The game is challenging, but fair. It is as much about memorization as it is about precision of movement.

Aggressive aesthetic

The visual design of the game consists of basic geometric shapes in bright colors that turn and blink while you are trying to stay focused on a litt...

Can cause nausea

The fast spinning graphics could cause some people a bit of nausea.

Why do you recommend 80 Days?

Why do you not recommend 80 Days?

80 Days is a steampunk gamebook that costs $5.00 and has zero in app purchases

Very replayable

With the vast swath of options in 80 Days players will be hard pressed to replay the same scenarios more than once.

Uncovered routes stay uncovered on next replay

Once completing a playthrough the routes that were uncovered will stay uncovered for the next playthrough, thus helping the player chart better cours...

Unintuitive user interface

The inventory system in the game can be hard to understand at first and it can be difficult to control the scrolling of text in some areas.

Why do you recommend The Room?

Why do you not recommend The Room?

Compare all specsPrice: $0.99Genre: Puzzle |

Great atmosphere

Due to an excellent choice of music and incremental telling of a dark story, the game creates a nice bit of tension and a creepy vibe in an otherwise...

Amazing graphics

The Room has very detailed graphics that show the intricacies of all the items.

Ends abruptly

The Room is relatively short. Experienced players will be able to beat it in less than two hours. And it ends abruptly. Luckily there is a sequel.

Why do you recommend Thomas Was Alone?

Why do you not recommend Thomas Was Alone?

Thomas Was Alone is a minimalist platformer that costs $5.99 and has zero in app purchases.

Great story

For what is a pretty simplistic looking game, Thomas Was Alone offers a truly great story that actually gets the player to care about what are basica...

Professional narration

What really drives the well crafted story home is the wonderful narration done by British filmmaker, comedian, writer, actor, and presenter of radio...


The gameplay only lasts about 3 or 4 hours.


Why do you recommend Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery?

Why do you not recommend Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery?

Compare all specsPrice: $4.99Genre: Puzzle (point-and-click) |

Excellent atmosphere

A detailed aesthetic, a great score and an intriguing narrative together create a world that engrosses you from the very beginning.

Puzzles are a part of the world

Puzzles in this game are not too difficult and usually can be quickly figured out by being attentive of your surroundings. But they are not supposed...

Subpar gameplay

The gameplay often times feels convoluted or just too high concept.

Why do you recommend Ingress?

Why do you not recommend Ingress?

Compare all specsPrice: FreeGenre: Augmented reality |

Real-world gameplay

It's an augmented reality game, so you have to move around the real world to progress in the game, with all that it entails - weather, time of da...

Explore your World

Ingress will get you out and about, walk, bike, drive, swim, float or otherwise. You will notice more of your surroundings, more artworks and interes...

Congested areas dominated

It's an extremely fun concept, walking around and building up affinity with local nodes to you. However, the fun comes to an abrupt stop when a w...

Why do you recommend XCOM: Enemy Within?

Why do you not recommend XCOM: Enemy Within?

XCOM is a mix of strategic turn-based combat with a focus on long-term base-building. that costs $12.99 and has zero in app purchases.

Enjoyable gameplay

XCOM sets the standard as to what to expect in turn based strategy gaming. Players use soldiers to fight off an alien invasion by utilizing cover, fl...

Online multiplayer

There is support for asynchronous online multiplayer built into the game over Google Play Services.

Second half of game lacks as many options as first half

The second half of the game feels a bit lack luster in options when compared to the first half.

Why do you recommend Limbo?

Why do you not recommend Limbo?

Limbo is a stylish black and white 2D action platformer that costs $4.99.

Intricate puzzles

Limbo uses a wide range of puzzles in game that range from simply moving a box to puzzles that have multiple parts and normally do not reveal their s...

Black and white art style

There has been many imitators since but Limbo is the original game that used a black and white art style for a stylish and creepy effect.

May be too dark for children

The game, by design has the main character dying quite a bit, often very gruesomely and so may not be appropriate for younger players.

Why do you recommend Shadowrun Returns?

Why do you not recommend Shadowrun Returns?

Shadowrun Returns is a turn based tactical role playing game that costs $2.99 and has zero in app purchases.

Fleshed out interesting world

There has obviously been painstaking care taken in crafting the world and story of Shadowrun Returns.

Well performing graphics

Even with numerous characters on screen there is no hitch in the performance.


Shadowrun Returns may crash on the player mid game.

Why do you recommend Eufloria HD ?

Why do you not recommend Eufloria HD ?

Compare all specsPrice: $4.99Genre: RTS |

Calm and minimalistic

The game has a minimalistic approach towards audio design, visual representation and gameplay mechanics, creating a calm, zen-like state while playin...

Multiple game modes

Eufloria has a three modes. Two of them, "Skirmish Arena" & "Dark Matter" are unlocked after completing the Campaign mode. &...

Lots of waiting around

Many portions of the game require waiting for events to unfold, even with the inclusion of a fast forward button there will be a lot of waiting.

Why do you recommend Civilization Revolution 2?

Why do you not recommend Civilization Revolution 2?

Civilization Revolution 2 is a 4x turn based strategy game that costs $14.99 and has zero in app purchases.

Enhanced graphics

The graphics of Civilization Revolution 2 have been enhanced from the first iteration of the game.

Offers lots of replay value

Civilization Revolution 2 offers so many maps, leaders and scenarios that the replayability of the game is pretty much endless.

Civilization Revolution 2 is expensive

At $14.99 Civilization Revolution 2 is one of the more expensive games on the Android platform.

Why do you recommend Terraria?

Why do you not recommend Terraria?

Compare all specsPrice: $4.99Genre: 2D platformer / Minecraft-like |

There is lots to explore and find

Terraria has a randomly generated world with all kinds different areas to explore, items to find and craft, and secrets to unearth. There is a basic...

Local multiplayer

You can play with up to 4 players over local Wi-Fi.

Cloud saving is broken

Currently cloud saving is broken so that means you can build your world but it sits in your phone. You cannot back it up, you cannot sync it with oth...

Why do you recommend Little Inferno?

Why do you not recommend Little Inferno?

Compare all specsPrice: $2.99Genre: Puzzle |

Delightfully warped

You spend most of your time throwing things in an ill-conceived invention for kids called the Little Inferno fireplace. By setting things on fire you...

Wordplay based puzzles

Certain items may have odd properties or work together with other items to create unexpected results. A list of combinations, where the only hint is...


Little Inferno is a short game.

Why do you recommend The Room Two?

Why do you not recommend The Room Two?

The Room Two is a 3D puzzle game that costs $2.99 and has zero in app purchases.

Up to three user profiles

A new addition from the first title is user profiles. Now up to three of your friends or family can create their own game saves.

Multiple objects to interact with

There are now multiple objects in a room that all need to be utilized to solve the puzzle.

Short and lacks replayability

The game can be finished in under four hours and lacks any real replayability once all the puzzles are solved.

Why do you recommend Game Dev Story?

Why do you not recommend Game Dev Story?

Compare all specsPrice: $2.50Genre: Economics-based |

Very engaging due to quick progression and frequent events

Contracts are measured in weeks and development cycles in months, but time passes at the rate of one day per second. Though the core gameplay involv...

A demo version is available

Game Dev Story Lite is available for free on the Google Play store. The Lite version ends after 2 in-game years.

It's very hard to fail

Your employees' salaries are waived the first year ("government subsidy") and you can go into the red to pay them after that. You can&#...

Why do you recommend GTA San Andreas?

Why do you not recommend GTA San Andreas?

Compare all specsPrice: $6.99Genre: Open world sandbox |

Hours of gameplay

It takes days just to finish the story missions, not to mention side missions, one-off encounters and just plain goofing off.

Huge open world

There are 3 huge cities to explore Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas each loosely modeled after certain real-world cities. There's a select...

The control scheme does not translate well to touch interfaces

For a game that was originally designed to be played with 14 physical buttons it can be difficult to translate that to a touch screen interface. Sad...

Why do you recommend Frozen Synapse?

Why do you not recommend Frozen Synapse?

Compare all specsPrice: $2.99Genre: Turn-based tactical shooter |

Great tactical depth

Frozen Synapse has deep tactical possibilities. You have to take into account your environment (there's even destructible terrain), strengths and...


There are 5 different multiplayer gametypes (Secure, Exterminate, Charge, Disputed & Hostage) and you can play with people on other tablets or d...

Story is forgettable

The story in Frozen Synapse is generic sci-fi.

Why do you recommend GTA: Chinatown Wars?

Why do you not recommend GTA: Chinatown Wars?

GTA: Chinatown Wars is a top down 3D open world game that costs $4.99 and has zero in app purchases.

HID controller support

GTA: Chinatown Wars has built in HID controller support which means it is compatible with the Google Nexus Player as well as the Amazon Fire TV.

Graphics are enhanced from Nintendo DS version

The graphics and lighting effects have been enhanced from the original Nintendo DS version.

Controls on touchscreen are not that good

Driving can be pretty difficult with the touch screen controls though there are two different settings, so one may work better than the other.

Why do you recommend Goat Simulator?

Why do you not recommend Goat Simulator?

Goat Simulator is a goat simulation game that costs $4.99 and has zero in app purchases.Goat Simulator is the latest in goat simulation technology, b...

SHIELD games support

Goat Simulator has built in SHIELD games support.

Physics based sandbox mayhem

Goat Simulator is a sandbox game where the point is to just cause as much destruction and mayhem as possible.

Missing content from PC version

There are a few portions of the map that are missing from the PC version.

Why do you recommend 10000000?

Why do you not recommend 10000000?

Compare all specsPrice: $2.89Genre: Puzzle RPG |

Mixed match-3 & RPG elements

The gameplay mostly consists of typical tile matching, but is supplemented with items that you can acquire and stats you can upgrade.

Great as a timewaster

10000000 has gameplay that is easy to pick up and play a few rounds of. It's not too deep, but engaging enough to be a fun distraction.

Main adventure is short

On average the game can be completed in about 5 hours and while there's an Endless mode the lack of true progression in it is a strong deterrent.

Why do you recommend Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition?

Why do you not recommend Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition?

Large selection of sidequests

Has cross-platform multiplayer

Some pixel-hunting required

Why do you recommend Devil's Attorney?

Why do you not recommend Devil's Attorney?

Compare all specsPrice: $1.99Genre: Turn-based strategy game |

Great sense of humor

Both the comedic writing and delivery are top notch. Not only that, the gameplay elements reinforce the absurdity of the presentation - "Credibi...

Rarely seen, turn-based gameplay

You take turns choosing from a select set of skills, such as Mesmerize, Ego boost, Tamper with Evidence, etc to get rid of witnesses, evidence, and p...


Devil's Attorney is a pretty short game.

Why do you recommend DRAGON QUEST VIII?

Why do you not recommend DRAGON QUEST VIII?

DRAGON QUEST VIII is a full 3D role playing game that costs $12.99 and has zero in app purchases.


Including side quest the game can easily last over 100 hours.

A new skill system that deviates from the class system the series normally uses

Instead of a class system Dragon Quest VIII uses a skill system to level up the characters and learn new skills.

Removed content from North American PS2 release

Things like the original orchestrated music and voice acting that were in the original North American Playstation 2 release have been removed from t...

Why do you recommend Fiz : Brewery Management Game?

Why do you not recommend Fiz : Brewery Management Game?

Compare all specsPrice: $2.99Genre: Economics-based |


To break up the monotony of constant stale management of business there are challenges and events that happen, usually in the form of a goal that you...

Great depth

There are a huge selection of recipes for beers, that need the correct amounts of specific ingredients that can be made with the correct equipment by...

Not a lot of variety in visuals or music

The 2D sprite graphics are a little generic just as the music.

Why do you recommend Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath?

Why do you not recommend Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath?

Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath is an open world 3rd person action-adventure 1st person shooter that costs $5.99 and has zero in app purchases.

Graphical settings options

There are actual graphical settings options in the setting of the game allowing the player to choose what settings work best for their device.

Intuitive adapted controls

From what was originally an XBox game meant to be played with a controller, Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath has been adapted quite well to touch scree...

FPS sections are difficult to control

The first person shooter sections of the game can be a bit difficult as the player needs to remove their thumb from one of the touch screen movement...

Why do you recommend Out There?

Why do you not recommend Out There?

Out There is a space exploration simulation strategy roguelike game that is paid upfront at $3.99 and has zero in app purchases.

Beautiful hand drawn graphics and great score

The hand drawn graphics coupled with the lonely score create a fantastic original feeling atmosphere.

Turn based resource management

Out There features a great mix of turn based strategy with complex resource management.

Restart always from the beginning

There is a multitude of ways to die in Out There and being that the game is a roguelike, there will be a lot of restarts. Each and everyone brings t...

Why do you recommend Battleheart?

Why do you not recommend Battleheart?

Compare all specsPrice: $2.99Genre: Action strategy RPG |

Deep and complex gameplay

Manage money, characters, their equipment and abilities and create strategies that make the best use of what you have available.

Perfectly balanced

You will never feel too under or over-powered, you'll have to work for every victory.

Android support dropped

Battleheart's developer has stated that Android support has been dropped going forward as the system is "unsustainable".

Why do you recommend Star Command?

Why do you not recommend Star Command?

Compare all specsPrice: $2.99Genre: Space simulation management |

Beautiful pixel-art

A detailed, colorful and varied aesthetic throughout the game. Ships, menus, and cutscenes are all beautifully made.

Frantic combat

Star Command relies heavily on minigames and time management based gameplay.


The game might crash often so save often.

Why do you recommend Fist of Awesome?

Why do you not recommend Fist of Awesome?

Fist of Awesome is a 2D side scrolling beat'em up that costs $3.99 and has zero in app purchases.

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Why do you recommend Rebuild?

Why do you not recommend Rebuild?

Compare all specsPrice: $2.99Genre: Strategy game |

Well balanced

Gameplay consists mostly of managing people, their skills, resources, tools and property. It has enough depth and good balance to present a challeng...


Probably not for everyone, but if you like a zombie overrun post-apocalyptic scenario, this game sets the atmosphere accordingly with constant scaven...

Can get easier the further in the game one gets

Rebuild tends to get easier the more farmland one obtains.

Why do you recommend Chaos Rings II?

Why do you not recommend Chaos Rings II?

Compare all specsPrice: $15.99Genre: JRPG |

Varied, beautiful world

A variety in locations visited and enemies met, that all are beautifully designed, gives the game a world that feels alive.

Great combat system

Choose between solo and paired combat, where damage dealt is increased and damage taken in shared. Add to that a 'rock, paper, scissors'-type...

High price

While Chaos Rings II is a premium game the price of $15.99 is a bit high for a mobile game. But understandable since it's quite beautifully craft...

Why do you recommend Secret of Mana?

Why do you not recommend Secret of Mana?

Secret of Mana is an action role playing game that costs $9.00 and has zero in app purchases.

One of the best action role playing games ever made.

Twenty some odd years later and Secret of Mana is still one of the best action role playing game experiences there is.

Ring command system

The ring command system used for selecting equipment and other options is still as inovative today as it was back in 1993.

Graphics could have been optimized for Android in this port of a 4 year old iOS release

Square Enix has done nothing to polish the graphics in this port from iOS which for the price point is a little disheartening. The black borders on b...

Why do you recommend Machinarium?

Why do you not recommend Machinarium?

Compare all specsPrice: $4.99Genre: Puzzle (point-and-click) |

Hand drawn steam punk graphics are visually stunning

Machinariums graphics are quite exquisite to look at and definitely give the game a fantastic steam punk vibe.

Machinarium includes immersive mode

Immersive mode is a full screen feature that hides navigation and notification bars on Android 4.4 and up and is thankfully included in Machinarium

Difficult to play on a small screen device

Machinarium can be difficult to play on small screen devices such as phones.

Why do you recommend Delver?

Why do you not recommend Delver?

Compare all specsPrice: $1.99Genre: Roguelike |

Great atmosphere

Delver has a simplistic, blocky, yet colorful and friendly aesthetic combined with inviting music and detailed sound design.


The game can be modded, bringing new items and mechanics in the game. There are resources that can help with creating your own mods.

Loot description hidden underneath finger

Loot that is picked up in game has a description box that gets hidden underneath the players finger, making it difficult to tell what was just picked...

Why do you recommend The Cave?

Why do you not recommend The Cave?

Compare all specsPrice: $4.99Genre: 2D platformer / Adventure |

Humorous narrator

The main character of the game is The Cave itself. The Cave has a tendency for ironic, deep-voiced remarks regarding his new inhabitants, their past...

Good story

Throughout the game you unravel your chosen characters sinful pasts.

There is lag and stutter on some devices

On lower end devices there may be significant lag and dropped frames.

Why do you recommend Minecraft - Pocket Edition?

Why do you not recommend Minecraft - Pocket Edition?

Compare all specsPrice: $6.99Genre: Open world survival |

Local multiplayer

Minecraft can be played with other people locally over Wi-Fi.

Great freedom of expression

In Minecraft you explore different landscapes, fight monsters, gather resources, craft items and build. Build houses, traps, monuments, roller coaste...

Not as deep as other versions

Minecraft - Pocket Edition does not have as much content as other versions due to it's limited size and resources.

Why do you recommend rymdkapsel?

Why do you not recommend rymdkapsel?

rymdkapsel is a minimalist real time strategy game that costs $3.99 and has zero in app purchases.

Stunning minimal graphics

While being minimally design the colors shapes and space around them create what could be considered an artistic masterpiece.

Wonderful touch based interface

The controls for the game such as swiping and dragging feels intuitive and works great.

Not all elements of the games mechanics are obvious

On the players first playthrough the mechanics of every element in the game are not obvious and may take some trial and error.

Why do you recommend Ridiculous Fishing?

Why do you not recommend Ridiculous Fishing?

Ridiculous Fishing is a casual arcade fishing game that costs $2.99 and has zero in app purchases.

Polished arcadey gameplay that's great as a time-waster

Ridiculous Fishing offers a fun casual gaming experience that is enjoyable in short or long bursts.

Varying level design

In the assortment of level there is a different look for each in and out of the water.

Eats battery

Playing Ridiculous Fishing can run through a fully charged battery pretty quickly.

Why do you recommend Gemini Rue?

Why do you not recommend Gemini Rue?

Gemini Rue is a point and click adventure game that costs $4.99 and has zero in app purchases.A sci-fi noir adventure in the tradition of "Blade...

Great story and aesthetics

The story is a really good Sci-FI tale that takes advantage of good music and wonderfully made pixel art.

Parallel stories

There are two stories that the player switches between while playing.

Letterboxed on the sides

There are black bars on both sides of the game.

Why do you recommend Another World?

Why do you not recommend Another World?

Compare all specsPrice: $1.99Genre: Adventure |

Challenging and fun

For what is a 20 year old game to still hold in gameplay, story and presentation is quite a feat and an enjoyable one at that.

Great remake

The newly added HD graphics show that much time was spent creating a fantastic remake of what was a very iconic game.

Some issues with the control scheme

Touch controls for movements such as jump can be hard to pull off as the swipe gesture needs to be very exact.

Why do you recommend Amoebattle ?

Why do you not recommend Amoebattle ?

Amoebattle is a real time strategy game that costs $0.99 and has zero in app purchases.


Amoebattle has many colorful and friendly worlds and characters to offer.

8 to 10 hours of gameplay

There's quite a bit of gameplay and variety for a mobile RTS game.

Gets difficult

Amoebattle is easy to learn but once a player gets into a bit of the game the battles become very tough.

Why do you recommend Spirits?

Why do you not recommend Spirits?

Compare all specsPrice: $2.99Genre: Puzzle |

Great atmosphere

Dream-like art direction with hand-drawn characters and levels, and excellent sound design.

Varied, Lemmings-style puzzles

The game has interesting and often challenging puzzles, especially if you wish to complete the level perfectly, made possible with varied abilities...

Slow moving gameplay

Spirits is mean to be a slow relaxing game though some people may not enjoy the slowness of the title.

Why do you recommend Doom & Destiny?

Why do you not recommend Doom & Destiny?

Compare all specsPrice: $3.99Genre: JRPG |

Great storytelling

Doom & Destiny is very well written. Full of references, humorous dialogue and excellent satire of RPGs.


Doom & Destiny has a colorful, detailed aesthetic.

Translation errors

With a game that's heavily focused on storytelling grammatical errors are quite noticeable.

Why do you recommend Bean's Quest?

Why do you not recommend Bean's Quest?

Compare all specsPrice: $1.99Genre: 2D platformer |

Lots of replayability

Bean's Quest has things to find, challenges based on complexity and the amount of times you've jumped in each level. Trying to hit everything...

Platforming perfection for mobile

This is a mobile platform game which is easy to control but very hard to master. You can only tell your character to go left or right, jumping happe...

Bean's Quest is short

The length of the game is a bit short.

Why do you recommend Sonic the Hedgehog 2?

Why do you not recommend Sonic the Hedgehog 2?

Compare all specsPrice: $2.99Genre: 2D platformer |

Not just an emulation

This port introduces several new features, including a wider viewing screen, and new levels based on Hidden Palace Zone, which was cut from the origi...

Decent controls

The controls are surprisingly decent, given how poor controls tend to be for console games emulated on touch devices.

Touch screen controls not as accurate as using a controller

While the touch screen controls are good compared to other games they are still not as accurate as using a controller.

Why do you recommend Anomaly Warzone Earth HD ?

Why do you not recommend Anomaly Warzone Earth HD ?

Compare all specsPrice: $3.99Genre: Tower offense |

Controls work well on touchscreen

Even though Anamaly Warzone Earth HD was created for PC, the mobile port has excellent touch screen controls.

Great Graphics

The graphics are fantastic looking ranging from all the different vehicles to the explosions, there is definitely a lot to behold.

Double speed has to be continuously pressed in order for it to be working

Having to hold down double speed gets very tiring after a while, especially on tablets.

Why do you recommend Botanicula?

Why do you not recommend Botanicula?

Botanicula is a point and click adventure game that costs $4.99 and has zero in app purchases.

Graphics border on being art

The fantastic visual in the game is remiss of art one would see in a pop art gallery.

Intuitive puzzles

Unlike this studios previous work (Machinarium) the puzzles are intuitive and difficulty ramps up fairly.

Buggy and crashes

There are quite a few graphical bugs in the game as well as a lack of stability.

Why do you recommend The Great Fusion?

Why do you not recommend The Great Fusion?

The Great Fusion is a point and click adventure game that costs $1.99 and has zero in app purchases.

Good story

The Great Fusion has many moments of satire and is even charmingly synical, giving the story a lot of character and making it a joy to play through.

Poor translation

There are grammatical errors in almost every line of dialogue.


Why do you recommend Hellraid: The Escape?

Why do you not recommend Hellraid: The Escape?

Hellraid: The Escape is a visually stunning action-adventure game with free updates, no in-app purchases or pay-to-win elements! Challenging puzzles,...

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Why do you recommend Puddle?

Why do you not recommend Puddle?

Puddle is a physics puzzle game that costs $0.99 and has zero in app purchases.

Beautiful graphics

From the different environments to all of the different liquids in the game, everything looks very striking.

Gameplay based on physics and chemistry

Puddle is a physics based game that also uses aspects of chemistry in it's gameplay.

HDR graphics setting buggy

The newly added HDR graphics setting is bugged in that the fluid in game does not appear when used.

Why do you recommend AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!!?

Why do you not recommend AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!!?

AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! is a falling dodge object action game that costs $2.99 and has zero in app purchases.

Fun arcade style gameplay

The way the game is set up is that the player chooses a level and then proceed to rack up points as they fall down around buildings. It definitely gi...

Mobile version of game does not support camera pan for viewing

The console version have a feature that allows the character to look to the sides and above him, this has been cut out on all mobile versions sadly.

Why do you recommend Anomaly 2?

Why do you not recommend Anomaly 2?

Compare all specsPrice: $4.99Genre: Tower offense |

Online "tower offense vs tower defense" multiplayer is really fun

One player sets up defenses, and the other tries to break them. Really fun multiplayer dynamic to play with friends.

Perfectly paced learning curve

With the way Anomaly 2 introduces players to the mechanics of the game it makes it really easy for all skill levels to get a grasp of how everything...

Large file size

At 1.5 gigs Anomaly 2 is a large game that can take a while to download and install.

Why do you recommend Shu's Garden?

Why do you not recommend Shu's Garden?

Shu's Garden is a 2D open world platformer that is free to play with zero in app purchases or advertisements.

Pure sandbox

There are no goals or objectives to be found.


The soft cartoony graphics, docile animals and no set goals playing Shu's garden is a relaxing world to play around in.

May become boring

Considering there are no real goals to the game some may find that there is not much to do after seeing all there is to see.

Why do you recommend Plasma in Engineering?

Why do you not recommend Plasma in Engineering?

Compare all specsPrice: $0.99Genre: Endless runner |

No pros added yet

No cons added yet

Why do you recommend Faif?

Why do you not recommend Faif?

Faif is an asynchronous multiplayer puzzler mixed with role playing elements that costs $1.99 and has zero in app purchases.

Fun mix of puzzle and roguelike games

Faif uses and entertaining mix of match tile puzzle games and roguelikes, in that the player matches five tiles to complete moves such as striking th...

In game shop to purchase powerups with earned currency

During matches the player is able to go into a shop that has purchasable powerups. These powerups are purchased with in game currency that is earned...

Can become time consuming and boring

The further one gets in the game the more time consuming matches may become, which in and of itself do not really add much to the actual gameplay, wh...

Why do you recommend Bad Hotel?

Why do you not recommend Bad Hotel?

Bad Hotel is a music generation tower defense game that costs $1.99 and has zero in app purchases.

Streamlined tower defense mechanics

Bad Hotel has stripped away all of the fluff from tower defense and has boiled it down to it's essence without making it too simple.

Good controls

The drag and drop controls work well for this type of game.

Irritating sound design

The samples used in the music of this game can be irritating and annoying.

Why do you recommend Sorcery!?

Why do you not recommend Sorcery!?

Sorcery! is a mix of interactive storytelling with some tabletop role playing game elements. It costs $5.00 and has zero in app purchases.

Tabletop RPG mechanics done very well

Sorcery! has combined interactive story books with tabletop role playing game elements to create a great game.

Not much replay value

After completing the game there is no much replay value as most content has been seen.

Why do you recommend King of Dragon Pass?

Why do you not recommend King of Dragon Pass?

King of Dragon Pass is a text based strategy game that costs $9.99 and has zero in app purchases.

Plenty of depth

There is so much attention payed to the details of the game that gives the player a large sense of depth to the story.

Beautiful hand painted art

While King of Dragon Pass does forgo animations, the hand painted art that is featured in game is outright gorgeous.

Crash prone

King of Dragon Pass is buggy and is prone to crashing often.

Why do you recommend Back to Bed?

Why do you not recommend Back to Bed?

Back to Bed is a beautiful puzzle game that costs $4.00 and has zero in app purchases.

Great sound design

From the background music to the voice work the sound in this game not only fits with the theme but adds to the immersion.

Surreal graphics

The graphics in back to bed have a very surreal look to them, as if Dahli and Escher had teamed up to design a game.

Puzzles could be deeper

With such an amazing graphic design, the level of depth to the puzzles feels almost disappointing.

Why do you recommend First Strike 1.1?

Why do you not recommend First Strike 1.1?

First Strike 1.1 is an armageddon real time strategy game that costs $3.99 and has zero in app purchases.

Looks great

The effects of missiles flying and exploding are impressive to watch.

1/4 of revenue is given to charities that help reduce nuclear arsenal

One quarter of all sales of First Strike 1.1 goes to a charity to help reduce missile arsenal in the world.

No mid game save

There is no mid game save which means for some of the longer harder battles if one leaves the game, there is no going back to it.

Why do you recommend Danmaku Unlimited 2 ?

Why do you not recommend Danmaku Unlimited 2 ?

Danmaku Unlimited 2 is a bullet hell Bullet shmup that costs $4.59 and has zero in app purchases.

Challenging, but fair

In a typical bullet-hell fashion, the game requires constant focus, precise control and looks impossible at a distance. But if you are good enough, D...

Online leaderboards

You can compete with other people to get a higher score.

Not a lot of features

It only takes 10 minutes to see all of what the game offers.

Why do you recommend Anomaly Korea?

Why do you not recommend Anomaly Korea?

Anomaly Korea is a tower offense game that costs $3.99 and has zero in app purchases.

Great graphics

Background design, lighting effects, character models, it's all here and it looks great.

A lot of content to keep the player busy

Between upgrade, purchasing more units and arranging it all, there is a lot of content in game to keep the player busy.

Shorter campaign

Anomaly Korea has a shorter campaign compared to the first in the series.

Why do you recommend Galaxy Trucker?

Why do you not recommend Galaxy Trucker?

Adaptation of masochistic board game.

Performs amazingly well

Everything is silky smooth and there's no lag at all.

Great AI

Lots of different AIs with different focuses to play against.

No cons added yet

Why do you recommend Riddick: The Merc Files?

Why do you not recommend Riddick: The Merc Files?

Riddick: The Merc Files is a stealth action game that costs $2.96 and has zero in app purchases.

Good visuals

The visuals stand out as highly polished and give the game a very appropriate gritty feel.

Actual voice work done by Vin Diesel

Just like the rest of Vin Diesels games, he actually does the voice work.


The AI for enemies does not work to well with them getting stuck on one another or falling over parts of the environment.

Why do you recommend Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction HD?

Why do you not recommend Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction HD?

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction HD is a stealth action adventure game that costs $4.99 but is only available on the Gameloft store.

Evenly paced with a lot of variety

The pacing of the game sis close to what one would expect of a console title as well as the variety of situations and movements.

Controls are not that good

Sadly the controls for the game do not always work as expected which causes problems when trying to perform precise actions.

Why do you recommend SC Blacklist: Spider-Bot?

Why do you not recommend SC Blacklist: Spider-Bot?

SC Blacklist: Spider-Bot is a stealth action game that is free to play and has zero in app purchases.

Three modes of play

There are three modes of play available in game with a different robot to play in each.

Transferable currency to PC title

Being that this is a companion app for the PC title Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Ubisoft has made the in game earned currency transfera...

Has trouble connecting to UPlay

In what is at this point expected behavior from Ubisoft there is apparently connection problems with this game to their servers.

Why do you recommend Dynamite Jack?

Why do you not recommend Dynamite Jack?

Dynamite Jack is an arcade stealth game that is $4.99 and has zero in app purchases.

User created levels

There are an assortment of user created levels available for download as well as any number that the user can come up with and create themselves.

Looks great on AMOLED screens

Dynamite Jack uses sharp colors on a black background which look incredibly saturated when playing on an AMOLED device.

Gameplay somewhat overwhelming

When first starting out all of the pop ups on the display may be confusing or just too much for the player.

Why do you recommend Crazy Taxi?

Why do you not recommend Crazy Taxi?

Crazy Taxi is an arcade open world racing game that costs $0.99 and has zero in app purchases.

Controls work well on touchscreen

Surprisingly the controls work quite well on touchscreen.

SHIELD games support

Crazy taxi has built in SHIELD games support.

Graphics look dated

Considering that the game is fifteen years old (as of 2014), the graphics do look a bit dated when compared to other high end games on Android.

Why do you recommend Neon Shadow?

Why do you not recommend Neon Shadow?

Neon Shadow is a sci-fi first person shooter that costs $0.99 and has zero in app purchases.

Plays like a classic FPS game

Core gameplay mechanics are of old-school first person shooter.

SHIELD games support

nVidia SHIELD support built in.

Shallow gameplay

While the story and game mechanics are serviceable one has to wonder how much better the game could have been if more attention was focused on these...

Why do you recommend Shapik: the quest?

Why do you not recommend Shapik: the quest?

Shapik: the quest is a point and click adventure game that is free to play and has zero in app purchases.

Straightforward puzzles

The puzzles are pretty intuitive and straightforward.


The game is pretty short and can be finished in under half an hour.

Why do you recommend Grimma?

Why do you not recommend Grimma?

Grimma is a point and click adventure game that costs $1.99 and has zero in app purchases.

Interesting two tone graphics

The graphics are an interesting shade of beige, which give the game an individual look.


Grimma can be completed in a little under an hour.

Why do you recommend Lethal Lance?

Why do you not recommend Lethal Lance?

Lethal Lance is an old school 2D side scrolling platformer that costs $0.99 and has zero in app purchases.. You have to run & jump, kill enemies,...

No in-app purchases

Although it says there are In-App Purchases on the Play Store page of the game, in reality there are none. Once you buy the game, you get the full ex...

nVidia Shield support

The game can be played with either on screen virtual buttons or a nVidia Shield gaming device.

Oldschool gameplay may have trouble holding attention of player

Lethal Lance holds so tight to the design of old school platforming of yor that in this day in age some may consider the gameplay boring.

Why do you recommend UniWar HD ?

Why do you not recommend UniWar HD ?

UniWar HD is an asynchronous online mulyiplayer turn based strategy game that cost $4.99 and has zero in app purchases.

Asymmetrical turn-based gameplay

UniWar has three races to choose from - Sapien (humans), Titan (machines), Khralean (bugs) each with their strengths, weaknesses and slightly differe...

Online multiplayer

There are 53 maps to play on and it can even be played when the other person is offline via e-mail. Additionally, you can play up to 20 games at any...

Slow moving

Games tend to be pretty slow.

Why do you recommend Unpossible?

Why do you not recommend Unpossible?

Unpossible is a futuristic looking endless runner that is paid upfront at $1.99 and has zero in app purchases.

No pros added yet

No cons added yet

Why do you recommend ALONE...?

Why do you not recommend ALONE...?

ALONE is a very stylistic take on an endless runner that also has the benefit of being upfront paid at $1.99 and has zero in app purchases.

No in app purchases

There are zero in app purchases to this title.

Graphics are very beautiful in motion

ALONE has one of the best designs around for an endless runner.

Controls can be challenging

The controls can be hard to get used to and as such can be extremely challenging to master.

Why do you recommend Grand Theft Auto III?

Why do you not recommend Grand Theft Auto III?

Grand Theft Auto III is an open world action adventure game that costs $4.99 and has zero in app purchases.

No pros added yet

No cons added yet

Why do you recommend Oil Rush: 3D naval strategy?

Why do you not recommend Oil Rush: 3D naval strategy?

Oil Rush: 3D naval strategy is a real time strategy game that costs $1.99 and has zero in app purchases.

Free demo available

A free demo is available for users to try the game out before purchasing.

Superb graphics

Full 3D rendered ships, ocean waves and all kinds of effects all combine to create on great looking game.

May not perform optimaly on lower end hardware

With all the effects and animations the game uses performance may not be the best on lower end hardware.

Why do you recommend Meatballphobia?

Why do you not recommend Meatballphobia?

Meatballphobia is a 2D physics puzzle game that costs $1.50 and has zero in app purchases.

50 levels of gameplay

There are fifty levels of increasing difficulty to play through in Meatballphobia.

No updates

Meatballphobia has not has a single update since it's release. That is almost a year ago now.

Why do you recommend 7x7 - Best Color Strategy Game?

Why do you not recommend 7x7 - Best Color Strategy Game?

Compare all specsPrice: FreeGenre: Strategy game |

Simple mechanics, challenging gameplay

The simple mechanics mean the game is easy to pick up and learn, while the challenging gameplay is what keeps players coming back to play more.

Intrusive ads

There are many ads that will pop up in the game.

Why do you recommend oO?

Why do you not recommend oO?

oO is a minimalist indie "dodge-em-up / runner" arcade game that costs $1.97 and has zero in app purchases.

Variety in levels

Each level has it's own look and variety of obstacles.

Great game for masochists

oO is hard, extremely hard. Man y many retries will be used but in the end each level is frustratingly fun.

Precision perception feels off

The precision needed to execute very exactly time moves is sometime hard to judge, resulting in death.

Why do you recommend Gunman Clive?

Why do you not recommend Gunman Clive?

Gunman Clive is a platformer that costs $1.99 and has zero in app purchases.

Tough as nails

Very challenging game in the same vein as Mega Man for platforming, boss battles, and gameplay.

Good touch screen controls

The touch screen controls are accurate and work very well for this platformer.

Death means a restart at the beginning of the level, no halfway points

Gunman Clive has zero mid level checkpoints, which means upon death the player will have to restart all over again at the beginning of the level.

Why do you recommend Stories of bethem?

Why do you not recommend Stories of bethem?

Stories of bethem is an action role playing game that is free with zero in app purchases.

At least 10 hours of story

Over ten hours of gamepay including the main story and sidequests.

No permissions necessary

There are zero permissions required to install and run this game.

Iffy English translation

Having been translated from Spanish to English, there are numerous errors.

Why do you recommend Autumn Dynasty - RTS?

Why do you not recommend Autumn Dynasty - RTS?

Autumn Dynasty - RTS is a real time strategy game that costs $4.99 and has zero in app purchases.

Plenty of replayability

With the inclusion of battle mode there is plenty of replayabilty to be had.

Over five unit types

There are over five unit types in Autumn Dynasty - RTS that all have their own special boosts and abilities. A few of those are calvery, pikeman and...

Buggy speed control

Currently (Oct 2014) there is a bug that randomly sets the speed to max, making it almost impossible to play.

Why do you recommend Bunny to the Moon?

Why do you not recommend Bunny to the Moon?

Compare all specsPrice: FreeGenre: Endless runner / Flappy Bird-like |

Easy to learn, hard to master

Controls are simple taps to direct bunny's jumps, but they require a fine deal of precision to make good progress in the game. While this may pro...

Free and not an infinite runner

The game is free, has no in app purchases and has only occasional ads in attempts to monetize. Bunny to the Moon also has a clear goal and ending.

No cons added yet

Why do you recommend GRAVITY: DON'T LET GO?

Why do you not recommend GRAVITY: DON'T LET GO?

GRAVITY: DON'T LET GO is an arcade space game that is free to play and has zero in app purchases or advertisements.


A multiplayer mode was added after release in an update.

Great 3D graphics

The 3D graphics in GRAVITY: DON'T LET GO stand out, especially for being a completely free game.

Only three modes that are finished shortly

There are three mini games in this title and they can be finished pretty quickly.

Why do you recommend Battle Slimes?

Why do you not recommend Battle Slimes?

Battle Slimes is a simplistic local multiplayer battle game that is free to play and has zero in app purchases.

Single device local multiplayer

Battle Slimes can be played by multiple players all on the same device.

Simple and quick

The gameplay itself is pretty simple consisting of jump and shoot, combined with a fast rounds of play, Battle Slimes is a great option for a quick l...

4 players on the same device at the same time can be a bit crowded

Depending on the devices screen size, Battle Slimes may become a little too crowded for all 4 players to comfortably play on the same device.

Why do you recommend LEGO Creator Islands?

Why do you not recommend LEGO Creator Islands?

LEGO Creator Islands is a mix of Sim City and Clash of Clans and it is completely free to play with zero in app purchases or advertisements.

Fun for any age

Even though the game is designed for the age groups 9-11 LEGO Creator Islands remains fun for any age.

Building freedom

LEGO Creator Islands allows for freedom to build what one wants to place on their islands.


Can be finished in under 5 hours.

Why do you recommend The Boy with Bombs?

Why do you not recommend The Boy with Bombs?

The Boy with Bombs is an arcade bomb placing game that is free to play and has zero in app purchases.

Old School SNES character design

The character design is very reminiscent of games from the SNES such as Secret of Mana.

Bomb upgrade system confusing

The upgrade system for bombs can be confusing as there is nothing in game that explains it.

Why do you recommend 9th Dawn RPG +?

Why do you not recommend 9th Dawn RPG +?

9th Dawn RPG + is an old school action role playing game that costs $2.99 and has zero in app purchases.

Open world with lots of quests and sidequests

The world is open and vast allowing the player to choose the direction they want to take, with the addition of a multitude of sidequests the gameplay...

Good story

Controls poorly

The poor controls can have a detrimental effect on gameplay when using melee combat characters.

Why do you recommend Anodyne?

Why do you not recommend Anodyne?

Anodyne is an action role playing game that costs $4.99 and has zero in app purchases.

Can be played in portrait or landscape view

Depending on what the users preferred rotation scheme is to play games, Anodyne allows for both to be used, portrait and landscape.

Easy to learn how to play

With simple intuitive controls it is easy to get started playing Anodyne.

Story feels unresolved when the game is finished

after finishing the game there are still many elements that feel unanswered.

Why do you recommend Laserbreak Pro?

Why do you not recommend Laserbreak Pro?

75 difficult levels

Addictive and unique puzzler


No cons added yet

Why do you recommend Alpha Wave?

Why do you not recommend Alpha Wave?

A gorgeous, fast paced space shooter with a retro feel but with a very modern look! It's a great little time killer and it's yours forever f...

No pros added yet

No cons added yet

Why do you recommend Classic Freecell Solitaire?

Why do you not recommend Classic Freecell Solitaire?

Classic Freecell card game, with a pretty card deck.

Lost games can be replayed until solved

Over 99% of Freecell games can be won. But if a game is lost it can be replay until won.

Huge selection of deals

Features the 1 million numbered deals that are identical to the ones on desktop.

No cons added yet

Why do you recommend Classic Spider Solitaire?

Why do you not recommend Classic Spider Solitaire?

A card game designed for Android with the gameplay you're used to from other platforms.

Game synchronisation

The same game can be played across different devices. The game can be started on a tablet and finished on a phone.

Easy controls

Taping on the first card in the stack will fly it to the best position.

No cons added yet

Why do you recommend Solitaire Classic?

Why do you not recommend Solitaire Classic?

If you liked playing Solitaire on Windows to pass time you are going to love this game.

Game synchronization

Game synchronizes between Android devices. A game can be started on one Android device and continued on another.

Beautiful graphics

Cards are easily read.

No cons added yet

Why do you recommend Wordophile?

Why do you not recommend Wordophile?

A fun and challenging word puzzle game for phones and tablets.

Thought provoking

Very enjoyable word game, with clues and plenty of levels to keep one occupied for a few hours.

Not for everyone.

The game can be hard if word games are not what you're into.

Why do you recommend High Rocket?

Why do you not recommend High Rocket?

High Rocket is a simple avoidance game that free to play and has zero in app purchases.

No pros added yet

No cons added yet

Why do you recommend Worldcrafter?

Why do you not recommend Worldcrafter?

Worldcrafter is a 2D platform game in the style of Minecraft that costs $1.91 and has zero in app purchases. Build worlds, craft items, battle monste...

Loads to do

A massive play area with lots to do.

No cons added yet

Why do you recommend Gentlemen! (multiplayer!)?

Why do you not recommend Gentlemen! (multiplayer!)?

Gentlemen! (multiplayer!) is a head to head battle game for two players on the same device that costs $4.67 and has zero in app purchases.

Stylistic 2D graphics

While simplistic at heart the 2D graphics of Gentlemen! (multiplayer!) have a very quaint Victorian charm to them.

Interface can be too small on higher resolution devices

The buttons for control may be too small for some users on newer high resolution screens.

Why do you recommend OCO: Odd Cube Out ?

Why do you not recommend OCO: Odd Cube Out ?

OCO: Odd Cube Out is a free to play game with zero in app purchases.

No pros added yet

Wonky controls

The controls feel off in some way.

Why do you recommend Lazer-Hawk?

Why do you not recommend Lazer-Hawk?

Lazer-Hawk is an arcade shooter that is $0.99 and has zero in app purchases and zero advertisements.

Large assortment of weaponry to utelize

There is a variety of different weapons to use including missiles and bombs.

XBox360 controllers support

Lazer-Hawk has XBox360 controller support built in.

No sound efects for dropping bombs or firing missiles

When dropping a bomb or shooting a missile there is no sound effect, which shows a lack of polish.

Why do you recommend GestureCI?

Why do you not recommend GestureCI?

GestureCI is a physics based puzzle game that costs $0.99 and has zero in app purchases.

No pros added yet

No cons added yet

Why do you recommend Finger Fencer?

Why do you not recommend Finger Fencer?

Finger Fencer is a local multiplayer fencing simulator that costs $1.99 and has zero in app purchases.

No pros added yet

No cons added yet

Why do you recommend Multiplayer Sorcerers (Full)?

Why do you not recommend Multiplayer Sorcerers (Full)?

Multiplayer Sorcerers (Full) is a urn-based fantasy strategy game that cost $1.92 and has zero in app purchases. Create creatures and cast magic spel...

No pros added yet

No cons added yet

Why do you recommend Peppy's Adventure?

Why do you not recommend Peppy's Adventure?

Peppy's Adventure is an action puzzle adventure that is free and has zero in app purchases and advertisements that can be removed for free.

Plenty of levels and stages

With 165 stages scattered across 11 different levels there is quite a lot of content to be had.

Replay value

With 4 different stars that can be found per stage, there is quite a lot of challenge and replayability.

Odd controls

The use of two control pads may be odd to some players.

Why do you recommend Tidy Bubble ?

Why do you not recommend Tidy Bubble ?

Tidy Bubble is a strategy arcade game that costs $0.99 and has zero in app purchases.

No pros added yet

No cons added yet

Why do you recommend Multiplayer Stellar Forces?

Why do you not recommend Multiplayer Stellar Forces?

Multiplayer Stellar Forces is an online turn-based squad strategy game that costs $4.78 and has zero in app purchases.

Every game is different

So many different types of mission, maps, weapons & equipment, unit types, opponents and features like LOS and destructible environments, mean th...

Poor controls

Doing simple things like turning a character can become quite infuriating not to mention wastes action points.

Why do you recommend Mutants vs The Chosen: Hijack?

Why do you not recommend Mutants vs The Chosen: Hijack?

Genre: Pint and click; Price: Free.


The game is available in English, German, Czech, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese.

No cons added yet

Why do you recommend Retro Nina?

Why do you not recommend Retro Nina?

Retro Ninja is an object dodging game that is free to play and has zero in app purchases, though it does have advertisements. Dodge the neon colored...

Simple and addicting game play, no IAP

No IAP and light on ads.

No cons added yet

Why do you recommend Quest of Dungeons?

Why do you not recommend Quest of Dungeons?

Quest of Dungeons is a roguelike that costs $1.99 and has zero in app purchases.

A roguelike that's challenging yet more forgiving than most

In a typical roguelike fashion there is perma-death and a level of difficulty higher than most games. Although Quest of Dungeons has a much more for...

High price for what it offers

Compared to similar games on the Android system Quest of Dungeons is a bit over priced for what it offers.

Why do you recommend Dweller - beta?

Why do you not recommend Dweller - beta?

Dweller - beta is a roguelike that is free to play and has zero in app purchases.


Dweller - beta is a free game.

Poor controls

For what is an interesting looking game the controls make it nearly unplayable.

Why do you recommend Space Ace Galaxy?

Why do you not recommend Space Ace Galaxy?

Space Ace Galaxy is a top down space shooter that costs $1.20 and has zero in app purchases.

Works well on low end hardware

Space Ace Galaxy was designed to work with low end hardware in mind,

No cons added yet

Why do you recommend Open Field Echo Sounder?

Why do you not recommend Open Field Echo Sounder?

Open Field Echo Sounder is a GPS target game that costs $1.99 and has zero in app purchases.

Game for blind and visually impaired

Open Field Echo Sounder is a game for the visually impaired or blind.

Need headphones to play

When listening for target echos one most likely will need to have on headphones to hear the discernible differences.

Why do you recommend Classic Spider Solitaire?

Why do you not recommend Classic Spider Solitaire?

A card game designed for Android with the gameplay you're used to from other platforms.

Easy controls

Taping on the first card in the stack will fly it to the best position.


If needed, the game can provide hints.

No cons added yet

Why do you recommend Alpha Wave?

Why do you not recommend Alpha Wave?

A great progressive space shooter reminiscent of the 80's classics but with a nice modern look! If you played AstroSmash in the 80's you will...

No pros added yet

No cons added yet

Why do you recommend Blob Wars : Attrition?

Why do you not recommend Blob Wars : Attrition?

Non-linear 2D platformer, with multiple missions and objectives.

No pros added yet

No cons added yet

Why do you recommend Sacred Shield?

Why do you not recommend Sacred Shield?

A simple, yet difficult to master game where you control a sacred shield defending waves of arrows.



No cons added yet

Why do you recommend Bang Bang! Morena?

Why do you not recommend Bang Bang! Morena?

Bang Bang! Morena is an action arcade game that is free to play and has zero in app purchases. Choose one of three heroines to defend your saloon aga...

Starts off easy, becomes challenging over time

The game gets harder the longer you play. First waves are easy, but the game quickly becomes a true test of reflex and aiming skill.

Easy to get started

The game can be set up with three taps, has simple controls and simple mechanics.

No cons added yet

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