What are the best workflow wrappers for front-end development?

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Why do you recommend Yeoman?

Why do you not recommend Yeoman?

Most active community

Yeoman has the most active community with new generators being created at a rapid pace. Because of the momentum behind the community, you can expect...

Huge number of generators for scaffolding your project

Yeoman generators allow you to quickly set up a new project. Invoked with the scaffolding tool 'yo' they provide a boilerplate & tooling...

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Why do you recommend CodeKit?

Why do you not recommend CodeKit?


Everything is set up for you

Everything you need to get a project started is included with CodeKit. Thanks to the professional support, different components of the workflow pipel...

Provides a clean and modern GUI

CodeKit has a clean and intuitive graphical user interface out of the box. Most other tools in this category run as command line utilities or require...

Mac only

This is a major problem for larger teams that have varied development environments.

Why do you recommend Slush?

Why do you not recommend Slush?

Built from the ground up to work with Gulp

Because Slush is built around streams and designed to work best with Gulp. It allows you to get the benefits of a streaming build system without havi...

Interactively set up projects with the Inquirer module

Slush scaffolds can use Inquirer to get CLI input for setting up projects.

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Why do you recommend Lineman?

Why do you not recommend Lineman?

Opinionated workflow

While Lineman is hands off when it comes to what you do on the client side, the workflow and tools used around it are opinionated, which means there&...

Intelligent defaults

Although Lineman is fully configurable, it comes with well tuned defaults and a built in scaffold so you can get up and running with advanced featur...

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Why do you recommend FireShell?

Why do you not recommend FireShell?

Provides a strong starting point built on best practices

FireShell is particularly opinionated, but it's a great way to get started with best practices if you're not sure where to start. It's a...

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