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Motorola MB7220
Arris SB6141
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Motorola MB7220 vs Arris SB6141


The Motorola MB7220 makes for a mediocre Cable Modem and should be avoided by the majority of people.

In the case of the Arris SB6141, however, we were unable to find enough data to come to any meaningful conclusions.

It's very likely that you can find some considerably better alternatives on the market.

If you're still interested in reading more about the Motorola MB7220, however, here's a quick summary of what we know about it:

No sources that perform objective hands-on testing have deemed the Motorola MB7220 worthy of being included in their Cable Modem roundups, which typically isn't a good sign.

Taking a look at the Arris SB6141, we found that it hasn't managed to perform well enough to earn a spot in any Cable Modem roundups done by sources that conduct their own, high-quality, hands-on testing. That alone makes it difficult to recommend.

As a last step, we wanted to do a head-to-head Motorola MB7220 vs. Arris SB6141 comparison of their review performance but, unfortunately, weren't able to find any review ratings on either product.

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Motorola MB7220
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